The Cadore Family History

The past, the present and the future at Patrizia Cadore Vineyards

The Cadore Winery is extremely proud of its origins which go back to the beginning of the 19th century when the family produced the Torcolato wine with vespaiola grapes in Mason Vicentino in the province of Vicenza. The property they owned at the time is the ancient and magnificent “Monastero di San Biagio” adjacent to their vaste winery.

The wine was later exported to the United States by her great grandfather Francesco; in 1954 the Cadore Family bought vineyards in the well known Lugana region in the province of Brescia near lake Garda, where Adriano Cadore, together with his brothers, managed the winery for many years.

Since 2010 his niece Patrizia, helped by qualified and experienced staff, has been running the Winery with the same passion and determination as her uncles; ever since she has entirely dedicated her time and energies to the fascinating world of wine production

In 2016 Patrizia's daughter Giada joined the team and she is now learning all the various aspects of running a Winery. A guarantee of continuity for the Cadore Vineyards for the next years.

The Past:

Patrizia's  Great grandfather Francesco Cadore 

The great grandfather Francesco Cadore

The future generation:

Patrizia's daughter Giada who has been working at the Winery since 2016.

The present:
Patrizia Cadore, winemaker in the prestigious Lugana region  in the south-east area of Lake Garda, Italy
The Cadore Winery

The Patrizia CadoreVineyards stretches for a total surface of 20 acres, 19,50 of which entirely dedicated to the vines; the main vine is the Turbiana vine, typical of this area south-east of Lake Garda from which Lugana wine is produced,  other vines are: Tuchì vine for San Martino della Battaglia, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet and Marzemino vines.

The present production capacity is 70,000 bottles per year.

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