Cadore Trophy:
Patrizia Cadore is proud to host the second
mountain bike race among the vines by Lake Garda with the participation of the 10 times world champion Gunn Rita Dahle Flesja from Norway, Gold Medal at the Olympics in Athens, Greece in 2004.
A living legend!
Contact us if interested in participating.
29th September 2018

Gunn Rita Dahle Flesja with the gold medal at the last European Marathon Championship in Italy 2018 

Gunn Rita
Bronze Medal at the 2017 World Marathon Championship
Gunn Rita
at the international moutain bike race in Montichiari, Italy
Gunn Rita
Gunn Rita
Always at the most beautiful mountain bike race in Montichiari, Italy
Gunn Rita
Gunn Rita
The loveliest mountain bike race in the world: through a castle in Montichiari, Italy
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Example of different paths among the vines at the Cadore Vineyards. In the back the stunning scenery and the Castle of Pozzolengo.

Photos from last year's event which took place October 8th 2017 and had  a huge success. 
Press from lake Garda talking about this prestigious event

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Gunn Rita